May 29, 2012
something entertaining: VanCAF


VanCAF was pretty much one of the best convention experiences of my life. I hope to return to it again next year, and I hope more people can make it there as well! I have so many good memories from the past weekend I don’t know if I can mention them all.

Some cool things though:

  • Pleasure of…

  1. theonlyoneilune said: I’m so sad I couldn’t go there and meet you in person. Glad you had fun, hopefully another time!
  2. undeadfreckledboys said: I’m so sad I missed it D: !!
  3. azureverie said: Shucks! I wish VanCAF wasn’t so far away! I would’ve loved to have gone to show my support. Your comics are so wonderful. Congratulations on your successes! c:
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